Foundations of a Clutter Free Space teaches you how to declutter and organize your space to better reflect your current values and lifestyle. This course covers everything from improving your mindset to maintenance and more!

Hi, I’m Melissa.

I am a professional organizer, and I am incredibly passionate about decluttering and organizing homes! I help homeowners and renters declutter using their core personal values as a foundation to achieve a clutter free space. My mission is to provide each client with the necessary guidance, tools and resources to achieve a simpler life and a clutter free home.
My journey to live a clutter free life started several years ago when I was struggling to let go of the excess stuff within my space. I owned so much stuff that I no longer used or valued, and most of my family members were experiencing the same problem. Ever since, I have been exploring and testing out creative solutions to solve the problems associated with too much stuff.